Industrial Cleaning


Industrial Cleaning

We are All About Solutions and we know and understand industrial cleaning. We take pride in a job well done in industrial cleaning as we truly understand that it is more than general maintenance. Industrial cleaning necessitates a high level of safety training, specialized skills, technical knowledge, and a thorough understanding of the equipment, processes, applications, and products needed to execute each individual job.

Safety, training, and execution are fundamental and essential principles that allow us to differentiate our industrial cleaning processes from our competition. We challenge ourselves to exceed industry standards and deliver unmatched industrial cleaning services. This determination underlines our performance, efficiency, and, more importantly, our customer success.

Our industrial cleaning and service offerings allow us to deliver innovative solution-based ideas to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We understand that our industrial customers are innovative, savvy, and seeking to incorporate the latest technology to drive production. This innovation is a driving force in CCS’ commitment to offer daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly services that allow us to partner with our customers to meet and exceed their production demands.

By staying true to our All About Solutions philosophy, our industrial cleaning and services expertise, collaboration, and innovative solutions provide CCS with the strength to have taken on and completed thousands of projects for our customers the past 37 years.

Dredging and dewatering of ponds, lagoons, and other waterways safely and successfully. Once the dewatering process is completed, we can handle the final disposal of the waste material as required by local and state regulatory agencies.

Our fleet of sweepers is available around the clock (24/7) to collect dirt, sand, and fine media from industrial and commercial parking lots as well as municipal streets.

Tank cleaning and servicing are some of CCS’ core specialties. We have powerful vacuum trucks, pumps, hydro-basting equipment, and the latest 3D and automated technology to perform a broad range of tank cleaning services to a variety of industries.

We utilize Conjet ACR™ Robots to safely remove and prepare horizontal, vertical, and overhead structures for both selected and non-selective concrete removal using high-pressure water.

Multiphased, high-pressure water cleaning applications to deliver the intense cleaning required by industrial companies. We use jets of hot or cold water through high-pressure nozzles of 10k, 20k, or 40k PSI to clean the toughest surfaces.

Hydro excavation uses high-pressure water to cut through soil precisely – a safer, non-destructive, and more precise approach to uncovering sensitive hidden obstructions to key underground infrastructure.

Our industrial and environmental vacuum truck services collect, transport, and dispose of wet or dry and hazardous or non-hazardous materials for the industrial, chemical, and manufacturing industries.

Our confined space rescue teams undertake extensive technical rescue training to meet both the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standard and the Washington Administrative Code for confined space rescue.